The Latest NEW Facial Professional Treatments 2017

Express Facial - Scrubs & Masks with essential oils to flush out impurities, leaving skin revitalized and a healthy appearance with the use of a Professional Steamer. €28.00

Enzymatic Natural Peeling by ANESI – Clearing the Pigmented Keratinised cells

This facial peel comes in powder form which gives inner skin an antioxidant boost to soothe, calm the skin. Giving the skin ultimate exfoliating results. €42.50

Detox Facial Steamer -Tailored especially for Acne/ blackheads (Full Face) €40.00

Increases circulation and flushes out impurities and leaving skin with improved Texture.

Double Lift Renewal Facial - This healthy aging facial starts with hands, MANUALLY sculpting crystal micro powder grains and serums into your skin - to lift and to stimulate the complexion. The results are glowing and re-hydrates, fine lines soften, muscles firm and lift, dark circles lighten and puffiness is reduced almost instantly. Positive Results are seen after the Face Treatment! €45.00

Galvanic Facial - New Collagen and Elastin Growth - Replenish of the outer layer skin ( epidermis) Enhances the Fibroblasts to give skin a Glow & treat skin diseases such as eczema & psoriasis. €41.00

High Frequency Facial -for Dehydration/Mature Skin types, draining out the debris (toxins) €42.00

Ultrasound Facial for Dark Circles (Eyes) Sluggish skin, Improves the collagen growth €38.00

Micro Needling Treatment – The mild prickling sensation and minute damage causes the body to rebuild collagen and elastin all over the face wherever the needles penetrate also the micro-channels created in the skin by the Micro Needle Roller. Benefit for Dark Circles and pigmentation. €45.00

Brightening BioLight – Concentrated with antioxidants, seaweed plants that work for radiant complexion / Cell renewal for Radiance Glow!. BioLight is packed with antioxidants and natural botanicals which target melanogenesis which effects pigmentation. €41.00

Hair Loss Treatment / Alopecia - ( Head Pressure points) “ A Special electromagnetic spectrum lamp” improving microcirculation, promoting new Cell growth and strengthen the Hair immunity. A natural treamtent with your own inner Minerals! €30.00

Acne Detox Clarifying Facial – Helps eliminate the underlying causes of breakouts. A powerful blend of exfoliating natural fruit enzymes, antioxidants. €43.50

Uplifting / Skin Tightening Facial By "Phytoceane" - It stimulates the face to produce new collagen and elastin improving face skin strength / contours, alleviating tension in the skin! €45.00


Depilatory Waxing Hair Removal

Full leg without bikini Line € 22.00

Bikini Line only ( Inner and Higher ) € 8.50

Full leg with high Bikini Line. € 27.00

Half Leg ( Knee to ankle) € 10.50

Half Leg ( Upper Area) € 13.50

Under arm € 6.50

Forearms - Full Hands € 8.50 – € 12.50

Upper lip € 2.50

Chest € 15.50

Back € 25.50

Chest and Back (on req)

Chin € 5.00

Sides of face/Cheeks € 6.00

Inner Nose Region € 3.50

Brazilian ( On request)


Manicure & Pedicure Treatment Bliss (Hands & Feet)

*Pedicure Maintenance (incl. Machine for Removal of the Hard Skin) Nails, Cuticle € 32.50

Pedicure or Manicure( Nail Cut – Buff + Filing Nails + Polish the nails) € 18.00

Pedicure or Manicure ( Nail Cut –File and Buffing all Nails only ) € 10.50

Removal of Hard Skin with Professional Machine only. € 10.50

Cutting and Filing Nails only without Polish. € 6.50


Eye Care and Treatments

*Eyebrow Shape €Waxing only € 3.50 - Tweezing € 5.50

*Eyebrow re-shaping ( Full) € 7.50

Eyebrow Tint € 7.50

Eyelash Tint ( Combined relaxing Head Massage) € 10.50

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint Combined € 16.00



Slimming Treatments - “SLENDERTONE ONLY” - 30/40 mins € 25.00

Slimming treatment with Diet Plan- Nutrition Advice –Weight Control 15 mins € 15.00

Nutrition Individual Advice (Healthy eating Tailor Make Plan ) 60 mins € 35.50


Urinary Incontinence (UI) is loss of bladder control

Urinary incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine) 30 mins € 25.00

* Package for Slendertone / Urinary Incontinence – pay 10 Sessions + 2 Free


Make-Up Bridal and Special Occasions

Professional Make up ( Weddings / Special Occasion/ Photo Shoot) € 35.00

Make up Lesson 60 mins € 30.00

* Home Visit at an extra Charge ( Price Depends on Location and /or a Feast Day)


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)


This is the LATEST Technology next to LASER, which is Cheaper, Faster, Safe and Effective. At our Clinic, we are equipped with a Modern IPL Machine which has been awarded the Quality Mark of International Standards holding the CE Medical Certificate N0:1023.

Our Professional Machine is equipped at our Clinic all days of the week!!

  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Treatments - for Permanent Hair Removal – For both Men & Women (including Strong Black Hairs) - Brazilian Hair Removal Available!
  • IPL – For Broken Capillaries ( Spider Veins) and Acne IPL Treatments
  • IPL – For skin Rejuvenation
  • (RF) Radio Frequency - Face Wrinkle Reduction (Bi Polar & 3 Polar -5 Polar)

* We offer a FREE Patch test and Consultation Prior to IPL Treatment.


DI DERMA SKIN BEAUTY CLINIC - IPL Treatments and E-light ( IPL + RF)


  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment permanently removes Unwanted hair, leaving you with smooth hairless skin. This LATEST Technology next to LASER, which is Cheaper, Faster, Safe and Effective!! which can be treated safely and effectively…
  • Hair Removal from all parts of the body including the face, legs, arms, underarms, back, chest, nipples and bikini line for MEN and WOMEN, including dark grey, blonde and fluffy hair. (Brazilian Hair removal available – Pubic Region).

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) / E-Light (RF + IPL) Treatments for (Dark Grey Hair & Fluffy Light Hair Reduction)

  • Hair removal -for DARK BLACK hair including Dark Grey & Blond Hair which require more Treatments
  • Wrinkle Lines reduction - The intense pulse light (IPL)is very effective in reducing the Expression Lines such as Sagging Skin Improvement in the Chin/Neck Region or Cheek Contours.
  • Facial Spider Veins - * Acne Vulagris * Acne Rosacea Reduction - Many people suffer from unsightly veins on various parts of their Face or Decolte’. Our IPL with RF machines provide an effective, safe way to benefit this problem quickly and relatively painlessly…

RF ( Radio Frequency Treatments) and IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light) Treatments – E-Light ( RF + IPL)

  • Skin rejuvenation/Wrinkle Reduction:- Wrinkles / Expression Lines Skin Repair and Sagging Skin.

Monopolar with Radio Frequency

  • For Cellulite and Fat Reduction (Beneficial for Sudden Weight Gain and After Pregnancy Birth)

At our Clinic, we are equipped with a Modern IPL Machine which has been awarded the Quality Mark of International Standards holding the CE Medical Certificate N0:1023. “Our Treatment Service” to our clients is offered all days of the week (daily) ,including Sundays ( By appointment only)


IPL Treatments – Hair Removal / Reduction



Upper Lip


Sides of Face


Sides of Face



50- 60



Upper Back + Shoulders

85- 100


40- 50

Lower Back

75- 85


40- 50

Full Back + Shoulder

150-1 60

Full Face (including Forehead)

75- 85

Chest + Abdomen

130- 150

Under Arms

45- 55

Chest or Abdomen

75- 85

Forearms (Elbow to Wrist)

65- 75

Full Back


Upper Arm (Elbow to Shoulder)

85- 95

Genital Area

45- 55

Full Arms

130- 150




Genital Area

45- 55

Bikini Line

45- 55

Upper Leg


Bikini Brazilian ( Full Pubic Area)

60- 70

Lower Legs

90- 120

Californian (Pubic Side Strips)

45- 55

Full legs

200 -220

Upper Leg

100- 120



Lower Legs

80- 90



Full legs

180- 200

Lower Buttocks




Full Buttocks

70- 90



Full Arms


Lower Buttocks

40- 50

Forearms (Elbow to Wrist)

65- 75

Full Buttocks

60- 80

Upper Arms (Elbow to Shoulder)

85- 95



Skin Rejuvenation ( Wrinkle Reduction)


Full Face including Lips outer area + Crow’s Feet


Neck Region ( Including Chin)


Neck Region (Including Chin) & Decolte’


Hands Anterior ( Front)


Side of Eyes (Crow’s Feet) with Radio Frequency




Lip Area including Nose Bridge (between eyebrows)


Cheeks (both sides)




Neck Region only


Chin Region only


*IPL – Vascular (Facial Thread Veins)


IPL – Acne Rosacea/ Acne Vulgaris


Lip area + Nose bridge area


Nose Bridge (between eyebrows) or Cupid’s bow line


Cheeks (Both Sides)


Decolte’ – or other areas, on Consultation only.


Upper Chin Region




*RF MONOPOLAR – (Cellulite Reduction)






*Provisional Price on Consultation only.



At Di Derma SKIN and BEAUTY CLINIC our Professional Therapist is foreign trained within the IPL Skin Care and Hair Treatments. They have Government Accredited Certifications in the Safety with CE certificates for the use of Intense Pulsed Light and have been professionally trained, having attended the” KE Medical Technology Training Centre” in - Zurich, Switzerland.

Apart from our “HAIR REMOVAL TREATMENTS”, We also offer “BEAUTY TREATMENTS FOR FACE AND BODY” that can rejuvenate your skin, Desquamate toxins( unwanted waste) out from your Body or Face, Through proper treatments and Esthetic Equipment, clean and healthy skin can be achieved to give you good health and care.


Therapeutic and Rejuvenating Holistic Treatments

Back, Neck Shoulder Therapeutic Massage 30 mins € 23.00

Back, Neck , Shoulder Massage ( with TDP Lamp) 30 mins € 27.00

Back Massage with Sea Salt Cleanse 30 mins € 30.50

Reflexology / Therapeutic Treatment ( 1 hour) 60 mins € 38.50

Holistic Massage(for De-Stress and for Deep Relaxation 60 mins € 38.50

Facial Detox Lymphatic ( Pressure Points) Massage 45 mins € 30.00

Feet Massage (Special offer) 15 mins € 15.00

Indian Head Massage (Including Shoulder) 30 mins € 27.00

Pregnancy Massage (after the 2nd Trimester only) 60 mins € 38.50


Holistic Treatment for ARTHRITIS -Thermal Device Lamp

Thermal Heating Device used to accelerate natural healing processes. Helps to increase microcirculation and delivering oxygen and nutrients to injured cells while eliminating cellular waste. Great Benefits for people suffering from ARTHRITIS and other related Conditions.€ 27.00

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