Ms.Raquel Scicluna .ITEC.,CIBTAC.
Qualified Esthetician/Beautician/  Remedial Therapist in the various Holistic Fields  with Alternative Treatments for better Health and loving your  Skin!!.....................

Raquel Scicluna is a fully Qualified Remedial and Skin Beauty Therapist specialising in the Skin Rejuvenation Industry in this Modern World for Skin Beauty. With an almost  a decade with the Beauty and Body Treatments experience , it commenced with heavy  training and Hard working at the Hotel SPA within the “Selmun Palace Closed Down”,  Mellieha and this is where her interest in Skin Beauty began. "I remember looking after my first Client for a Skin Face Rejuvenation and thought all the intricacy of Facial Treatments, She began to reconstructed for a Better  Latest Technology in the Skin Rejuvenation Industry and her Journey began to explore for a better Filed in the Skin Beauty".

Ironically, after  The Selmun  Palace Hotel  Closed own  in February 2011, Raquel had to make her way  and take this as an opportunity to wider her Talent in Skin Beauty. Leaving the Hotel Treatment Service, Raquel was involved with a  Esthetician (Skin Beauty) career and was then headhunted by a  German Ps-Automation firm to launch  A NEW Venture  in her NEW opening of the Skin Beauty Clinic “Di Derma” at St.Paul’s Bay. Raquel had the opportunity to go to various Cosmetic Fairs in Milan and London to for seek her NEW Latest Technology for an IPL Machine in the Skin Rejuvenation Business. Later, she had a further opportunity to meet up with Medical Doctors in the Dermatology Sector. Raquel was then invited to go to Switzerland to visit the  Company which specialises in the Laser and IPL Business. 

Raquel experienced lectures, and  invest further knowledge in the IPL business that then created her talent to start her business with  her own  High Tech  IPL Machine/ The Company that Raquel was trained is a SWISS leading cosmetic  IPl laser Tuition practiced by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons around Europe especially London ad Switzerland - KE-Medical Training- and Education Center. This  Swiss Company that Raquel trained with is well renowned with their past experience and practical knowledge of over 20.000 patients in the Zurich Laser Center and together with their in-house research and development department with Latest new standards in IPL-technology within the KE-Medical ® Hair & Skin Rejuvenation. Raquel met with the Company Director KE-Medical Company Foundation Mr.Jon Kringlen and Dr. Anja Kringlen, Laser- IPL-Therapeutic.

Raquel then drove her passion and drive to build their New Business Venture in the Skin Beauty Field.

Raquel’s Logic words……….”Treatment success does not only depend on a good system but as well on a substantiated education and good treatment technique”………………………..

We  take a High interest in the respecting our client and explain our service and educated  our customers of their Treatment Chosen in any IPL Treatments.  Our Goal is to achieve good benefits towards our clients for  an effective, successful and safe treatment.

Raquel can get maximum results in little time. Her work is precise and uplifting for the client, "It's all about improving self-esteem working on the outside heals the inside". Raquel is regarded by her peers as Improvement in her career was Important in the  field of Beauty Skin and a few physicians refer to her for any IPL Treatment such as Vascular, Skin Rejuvenation or Hair Removal.